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Jln Maligi V Lot N – 10 Karawang 41361, Jawa Barat INDONESIA
TELP: +62 21 8911 4352, E-MAIL: info@ijtt-id.com
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Quality Control

Quality Control System

"We are determined to provide totally satisfactory “Quality”, “Price” and “Service” to our customers throughout the world, thereby leading to develop sound employee satisfaction for a proud company fully appreciating CSR through work at all levels.

For the purpose of accomplishing the above as well as “Compliance” purpose, we set up the following “Quality Policies”.

To Manufacture QUALITY Products And Let's Get TRUST Worldwide


No Description Merk / Brand Type Qty
1 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Mitutoyo Crysta Apex 2 Unit
2 Microhardness Tester Future-Tech FM-300 1 Unit
3 Surface Tester Acretech Surfcom 18008 1 Unit
4 Rockwell Hardness Tester Future-Tech FR-3e 1 Unit
5 Rondcom Acretech 73A 1 Unit
6 Profile projector Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 1 Unit
7 RondCom Accretech 4IC 1 Unit
8 Rock well Mitutoyo HR-300 1 Unit
9 Surfcom Accretech 1800G 1 Unit
10 Mesin Destructive KoeI KPH-5M-H50-S30-G20 1 Unit

Small Equipment : Caliper,Micrometer, Dial,Height Gauge, Plug Gauge, Thread Gauge, Special Jig, etc.


  • 1. We produce the products with high quality and concern of safety
  • 2. We produce the products with low cost and delivers on time to achieve customer satisfaction


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